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“Hi, Mr. Stewart, How are you?  My senior year has been going very well so far, especially my English class!  I wrote a creative piece about the renovated [new school in my town] and I got the highest grade in the class! I felt sincerely proud of my writing for the first time and I owe it all to your class. Thank you so much for starting this program; it truly changed my writing for the better.”

“Hi, Don: I just thought I’d write to you and fill you in on how the course last summer helped [my son] on the writing portion of the SAT, which he re-took in November. Up. 70 points. 90th percentile. WOW! As you can imagine, we were thrilled, and relieved.  So I’d say your course was a huge help. Thanks so much!”

“I decided to email you to check in – see how you’re doing – and thanking you. I’ve won the Gold Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing for my portfolio. Looking back, I learned everything about writing from your class; it really changed the way I approached writing and my attitude towards writing. I love it. Considering that I came to US just a year before I took your class and that it has only been 4 years since I lived here, I think it’s quite astonishing. Writing has become a place where I can just go and let my mind wander.”

“I showed the short paper to my mom and to my dad. This was the first time in about three years I have shown either of them anything I’ve written… basically means this is the first time I have been proud of my writing. They said WOW, I wouldn’t recognize this as your writing (a good thing). Pretty impressive. Thanks!!!”

“Hi Don, Thought you’d enjoy hearing that on [my daughter’s] first major writing assignment for her Honors English class, she scored 100 out of 100 points on her three-page literature essay … the highest grade in her class. Looks like your course has had a very definite and positive impact … thanks again!”

“The strength and clarity of my sentences improved to such a degree that my teachers began to notice the difference. In retrospect, I realize that it was the most important course I took in high school.”

“My son took your course when he was in ninth grade, and he said it was the best writing course he ever had. He’s now working on Wall St. and writing every day.”

“Why didn’t someone tell me all this years ago? I get it!”

“I am an independent writer, benefiting tremendously from your program and its exercises, which give me both skill and confidence.”

“Because of what you taught me, last year (junior year), I got an A+ in English class. My teacher absolutely loved my writing style, and she told me she was very impressed that I could write so well.”

“Don, I’m very interested and would like to incorporate these techniques in a composition class for college Freshmen.”

I used to dread teaching writing until I found your information a number of years ago. Part of the reason I dreaded teaching writing is because writing has always been difficult for me because I did not understand it. Your lessons helped me which then helped the students as I used your system. Thanks for putting this out.

“I used that Jack London sentence pattern you taught us, and my English teacher said he really liked it. And he gave me an A- on the paper, my first ever!” 

“You have more useful info than the British had colonies pre-WWII.”