My name is Don Stewart, and I welcome you to this website and to our online writing course, Writing Whatever. I recently retired from being a high school English teacher, but I continue to teach this amazing method that year after year transforms student writing. The only difference is that my classroom is now the world, and I invite you to join us.




I must admit that I cannot take credit for figuring all this out. That honor goes to Dr. Francis Christensen, who was a professor at the University of Southern California. In 1967 he published his masterpiece, The Christensen Rhetoric Program, which proved beyond a doubt that the study of seven basic grammatical building blocks—phrases and clauses—is the fastest and most effective path to better writing.

In 1988 I acquired the copyright to the works of Dr. Christensen, and since then I have revised his original text and written an additional pair of workbooks, resulting in a three-book series, published as The Stewart English Program, that spans grades seven through twelve. I have also reprinted Christensen’s collected essays, called Notes Toward A New Rhetoric: Nine Essays For Teachers. Amazon has them all.

Now, with the publication of the Writing Whatever program, we make the Christensen method available to a global audience.

P.S.: Teachers and administrators — Please contact me to inquire about bulk purchases and on-site training:  don@writingwhatever.com